‘R.E.A.L.’ stands for the most important behavioral expectations we have for all
members of the Rutland Middle School community. R.E.A.L. stands for:


Each of these concepts includes ‘we’ statements that we all strive to achieve. For
example, under Responsibility the statements are as follow:

  • We are honest.
  • We take ownership for any action or inaction that breaks our rules.
  • We are prepared for the school day.
  • We treat ourselves, others and property with care.
  • We follow the directions of people responsible for our safety and care.

(a full list of the RMS Principles and Expectations is on pg. 10 of the Family Handbook).

Over the first weeks of the school year teachers work with students to help them understand what each of these principles stands for and looks like in various locations throughout the school (cafeteria, hallways, classroom, etc.). We revisit these principles during the year to help students gain a better understanding of the good behavior choices they can make to display those principles.