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Visitors Policy


Ensuring the safety for all the occupants of our school facilities is a primary concern at RIS and RMS. Anyone entering the school has to check in with the main office via the Library Ave. entrance.  Please note this includes students who are arriving late to school.  Visitors must use the buzzer to notify the secretary on duty of their arrival. This person will release the exterior door lock once visitors have stated their names and purpose for the visit, then be allowed access to the interior of the building if appropriate. Please note the following:

  • All visitors to RIS and RMS must sign in at the main office of the building they are visiting and be prepared to show ID if asked.
  • All those wishing to gain access to the school facility should have a designated appointment and purpose for coming to RIS or RMS;
  • In the event a visitor does not have an appointment,please speak with the school secretary.
  • All visitors to the building must wear the school issued visitor’s badge throughout their stay at RIS or RMS;
  • All visitors to the building must sign out upon exiting the building;
  • Parents/guardians arriving with students who are late for school must notify the secretary on duty and sign their child in on the late arrival log;  if a student arrives to school unaccompanied, the secretary on duty will call the parent or guardian,
  • Parents or guardians picking up students from the health office will wait in the front entryway for their child. 

If you need to drop something off to a student, please buzz in the entry and they will give you instructions.