Visitors to the School

During the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors will not be allowed in our school without permission from the principal. 

Ensuring the safety for all the occupants of our school facilities is a primary concern at RIS and RMS.   In order to enhance our security protocols at our Library Avenue complex, RIS and RMS have  adopted a new school entry procedure.  Between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:00 pm, all those wishing to gain access to RIS or RMS must enter through the entrance on Library Avenue that is adjacent to the cafeteria and Keefe gymnasium on Library Ave.  An employee will be stationed in the entry booth from 7:30-9:00 and 2:00-3:15 to check students into the building or assist you.  Between 9:00 and 2:00, visitors must use the buzzer to notify the secretary on duty of their arrival.  The secretary will release the door lock once visitors have stated their names and purpose for the visit.   Visitors must wait in the foyer between the set of doors while checking in with the school secretary on duty. 

Please note the following:

· All visitors to RIS and RMS must sign in and out of the visitor arrival log book in the foyer;

· All those wishing to gain access to the school facility should have a designated appointment and purpose for coming to RIS or RMS;

· In the event a visitor does not have an appointment, the secretary on duty will contact the requested staff member or the main office at the requested building main offices in both buildings  to determine the availability for meeting;

· All those who have a scheduled appointment will present a driver’s license or other official state issued photo identification in order to receive a visitor’s pass; this photo identification will be held by the school secretary on duty during the visitor’s time in the school;

· All visitors to the building must wear the school issued visitor’s badge throughout their stay at RIS or RMS;

· Visitors will be allowed to access the school building once the secretary on duty has confirmed that the staff member is able to receive them in their intended location;

·  All visitors to the building must return their visitor’s badge to receive their photo identification back and sign out upon exiting the building;

· Parents arriving with students that are late for school must notify the secretary on duty and sign their child in on the late arrival log;  if a student arrives to school unaccompanied secretary on duty will call parent or guardian,

· Parents or guardians picking up students from the nurse will wait in the front entryway while their child is dismissed from the health office. 

We recognize that, on occasion, students may forget important items such as lunches and instruments.  Parents may leave these items in the baskets in the main entrance foyer. These items will be distributed to students throughout the day.