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Academic Expectations

☛We believe students learn best when engaged and challenged with clear, high expectations. 


☛We believe students learn best when instruction is relevant and personalized. 

☛We believe students must understand the world in order to participate effectively in society. 

☛We believe students learn best when they are encouraged to think independently, explore, and take risks. 

☛We believe that respect, compassion, and empathy promote a culture of collaboration. 

☛We believe students learn best in a healthy and safe environment. 

☛We believe students learn best when they are connected to caring adults. 

☛Clear and Effective Communication 



☛Creative and Practical Problem Solving 

☛Responsible and Involved Citizenship 

☛Informed and Integrative Thinking 

☛Collaboration Innovation Inquiry 

☛Use of Technology




Block M/W/Th/F Tuesday
A 7:45-7:50 7:45AM – 7:50 
B 7:53-8:48 7:53 AM – 8:48 
C 8:51-9:28 8:51 AM – 9:46
D 9:28-10:20 9:49 AM – 10:44 
  10:44-11:02 10:44-11:02
E 11:05-12:03 11:05 AM – 11:50 
F 12:06-1:01 11:53 PM – 12:38 
G 1:04-1:59 12:41-1:26 
H 2:02-2:26 1:29-1:40



We believe that homework can be meaningful and productive.  Homework assignments should be a logical extension of current classroom activities and reinforce the concepts already taught.

Successful completion of homework can be an important element in the assessment of student achievement and contributes to the student’s overall grade. Homework assistance is provided at RMS during the EPIC afterschool program. 



The Identity Unit is an interdisciplinary exploration focused on the students’ self-exploration and development of self-concept. The driving questions guiding this learning are: 

  • Who am I? (my characteristics, values, beliefs, passions)
  • How do I fit within my communities? (my family, my school, my town, this world)
  • Who do I aspire to be? What are my aspirations?

Identity units encourage students to explore the identities of diverse populations, and especially to analyze the impact on the identities of marginalized and oppressed peoples in communities and in the world. In the end, an identity unit is a celebration of self and of inclusiveness. 



RMS uses a standards-based grading system. Student grades will be determined by the degree to which a student has demonstrated proficiency in identified course standards. Students are expected to achieve an overall minimum score of 1.5 for subject proficiency.  In the event they do not achieve a 1.5, they will be required to attend additional supports to help them get to this level (i.e., tutoring, summer programs, etc.). Grades are calculated and displayed through our live Jumprope electronic grade book system.  Families will have access to student progress at any time through student log-in, and can expect electronic progress mid-term and final reports at the end of each trimester. Paper report cards will only be mailed home when requested through a teacher or the main office, except the last report card of the year.