Congratulations RCPS Music Students!

Congratulations to all of our students who successfully auditioned for the Green Mountain District V and New England Music Festivals and many thanks to our dedicated Music Department for their commitment excellence in Music Education.

Green Mountain Music Festival V

The Green Mountain Music District consists of 55 elementary, middle and high schools from Vergennes to Bennington on the Western side of the state.  Students prepare auditions and if successful participate in a one day festival culminating with a concert.  Ensembles included in the February festival are:  High School Concert Band, High School Orchestra, Middle School Jazz, and Middle School Chorus.  Ensembles included in the March festival are:  Middle School Concert Band, Middle School Orchestra, High School Jazz, and High School Chorus.  This year Rutland City Public Schools had a total of 84 students accepted into the festivals.


Rutland High School:  Isabel Alexander – Orchestra, Moniqua Andrews – Orchestra, Zakaria Arshad – Band, Alicia Caputo – Band, Tyler Carroll – Orchestra, Jillian Conway – Chorus, Aidan Cooper – Orchestra, John Cotter – Band, Maddie Dudley – Chorus, Madison Fetterolf – Band, Elizabeth Franzoni – Chorus, Caitlin French – Orchestra & Jazz Band, Siobhan Gallagher – Chorus, Brady Geisler – Band & Jazz Band, Elisha Gilman – Chorus, Emma Gonzales – Chorus, Julia Greenfield – Chorus, Ethan Hall – Chorus, Corrigan Hanna – Orchestra, Nolan Hanna – Band & Jazz Band, Charlie Hubbell – Chorus & Band, Rosanna Hyde – Band, Jacob Knipes – Chorus, Taylor Krupp – Jazz Band, Kael Kysar – Orchestra, Isabella LaFemina – Chorus, Katrina LaFemina – Chorus, Elivia Lapre – Chorus, Haley Lassen – Chorus, Elise Lidstone – Chorus, Rosemarie Mallon – Chorus, Emeila McCalla – Orchestra, Max McCalla – Orchestra, Chelsea Mendez – Chorus, Megan O’Connor – Orchestra, Hunter Postemski – Band & Jazz Band, Aaliyah Potter – Chorus, Ehtan Schmitt – Band, Brayden Shelton – Band, Callum Smathers – Orchestra, Cordelia Smith – Chorus, Maya Sobel – Orchestra, Alexander Stute – Chorus, Isaac Voisine – Chorus, Jack Wallace – Orchestra, Emily Wigmore – Chorus, Rhoebe Wood – Chorus, Erik Woodbury – Band, Hailey Young – Chorus

Rutland Middle School:  Will Alexander – Orchestra, Grace Allen – Chorus, Emma Barclay – Chorus & Band, Julia Conway – Chorus, Liam Crawford – Orchestra, Camryn Gilbert – Chorus, Tom Goldberg – Orchestra, Jonas Harding – Band, Claudia O’Connor – Orchestra, Caleb Ovitt – Band, Caden Powell – Orchestra, Julia Reynolds – Band, Emilia Sabataso – Orchestra, Cordelia Senecal – Chorus, Gemma Snook – Chorus, Emma Worton – Band, Liana Wu – Chorus

Rutland Intermediate School:  Taylor Clark – Orchestra, Owen Dudley – Orchestra, Sophia Ellison – Orchestra, Georgia Gaines – Chorus, Jackson Kitts – Band, Finian Smathers – Orchestra, Owen Spafford – Orchestra, Casey Stevens – Chorus, Amaya Tonda – Chorus, McKenna Wertzler – Chorus, Samantha Wood – Chorus, Taben Young – Band

New England Music Festival

The New England Music Festival is made up of high schools from all over New England. It is a three day festival hosted by one of New England’s high schools where accepted students rehearse in one of the three NEMFA ensembles under the direction of a nationally renowned conductor, supported by an ensemble manager and their committee.  The festival culminates in a concert featuring the ensembles on Saturday.  The ensembles included in the festival are:  Concert Band, Orchestra, and Chorus.  This year Rutland High School had 11 students accepted into the festival.

Chorus – Rutland High School:  Siobhan Gallagher, Elisha Gilman, Emma Gonzales, Ethan Hall, Charlie Hubbell, Jacob Knipes, Haley Lassen, Rosemarie Mallon, Megan O’Connor, Cordelia Smith, Hailey Young

Thank you!

Carol Baker, Brent Barnett, Dan Graves, Sarah Koon, Allie Griffiths, Jessica Weber & Kathy Luzader