RMS offers an afterschool program to all students.  By enrolling in EPIC students can access all programs offered throughout the school year at no cost.  Programs include:  an afterschool snack, quiet homework space, academic tutoring, computer access and a variety of enrichment opportunities.

EPIC SUMMER 2019 Camps and Programs

Summer Brochure 2019

Homework support is offered Monday-Friday

Tutoring: Wednesday 3:15-4:30

Enrichment Opportunities:  Please check into the cafeteria at 2:35

*These clubs will be update quarterly, and run from 3:15-4:45*

Chocolate Club (Monday) – Come learn how to craft chocolates as gifts and sweet treats

Dungeons and Dragons (Sci-Fi games) (Monday and Thursday) – Calling all players old and new! Grab your friends and take part in RPG!

Edible Science – using common items and science, make and enjoy quick recipes

Scrabble your mind (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)  Come play classic board games with your friends, while making new ones

Ukulele (Wednesday) – Never played an instrument?  No problem. Pop into Ukulele club and join the fun

Epicuriously EPIC (Wednesday) – Learn how to make your favorite recipes for snacks and meals

Robotics (Friday) –Come join the well-established Robotics team as they prepare for competition later in the year

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday until 5:00pm.  Bussing available if indicated on registration form.  Please allow up to 24 hours for new bussing requests.

Students served:  Rutland Middle School students in grades 7&8

For more information, please contact the Rutland Middle School Site Coordinator

EPIC Site Coordinator:

Elizabeth Coltey

Office (ph.) 786-1854

Afterschool (ph.) (802) 779-1309


Staff Members

Laura Snyder – Supervisor/Enrichment Leader

Liz Bates – Enrichment Leader

Laura Lyle – Assistant/Enrichment Leader

Janet Pringle – Enrichment Leader/ Tutor

Joe Bonasera – Home – School Coordinator

Kathryn Iacono – Enrichment Leader

Jon Wallett – Enrichment Leader

Cindy Muller – Enrichment Leader

Allie Griffiths –Enrichment Leader

David Cornwell –Enrichment Leader

Ashley Hess –Enrichment Leader